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Let's Dance!

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"Be beautiful, graceful and elegant.

Be wild and playful. 

Express yourself in dance!"



It doesn’t matter if you’re a total beginner or if you’ve been dancing for years, this is the place for you. 


Would you like to increase your confidence, improve your posture and sense of rhythm? 

Are you looking for ways to smooth out your movements and improve your balance?  And how about developing closer relationships and reigniting joy in your life?


Leslie designs and bases lessons on your individual needs.  Leslie's teaching style is welcoming, judgment free, patient, masterful, and fun. You will be able to learn to do any kind of dance with ease and grace!



Grab a pair of comfortable shoes, and get ready to have some fun! Whether you are learning in a private lesson or class setting, the joy of dancing can be found anywhere you are!

Leslie Sack Dance Studio

Private Lessons

For Singles Or Couples

A great way to learn & practice all of the basics, gain confidence & play without an audience

Wedding Couples (and Parents!) love this to prepare for the big day!


Private Lessons are 55-minutes in length

Pricing: 1 for $150 or 4 for $560

24-hour cancellation policy

Call or Email to Schedule

1 Lesson $150  

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4 Lessons $560

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 Latin Dance Workout

10-11:15am Saturdays



Learn and practice all of the Latin Dances  without a partner. Gain self-confidence, get a great workout, and leave smiling every time.


Saturdays 10am -11:15am


Cost for 1 Class: $30


1 Latin Workout Class

1 Class  $30

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Join Leslie for a fun dance class on Zoom or take a pre-recorded Online Dance course in the comfort of your home!

3 Online Videos Available for Purchase:

Latin Dance Workout

Neuro Dance Fitness:  Synchronize your Brain with your Body 

Move to Connect: An Exercise & Movement Program for People with Parkinson's Disease 

Online Zoom Classes: 

Parkinson's Exercise Class

"Move to Connect" on Zoom

 Thursdays at 1pm (for the Parkinsons' Association of Santa Barbara--please send request for zoom link to:

Click Below To Purchase & Register for 
Online Classes and Videos


What People Are Saying

Tony Plasil

Ballroom Dance Instructor

“Leslie brings enthusiasm and passion to her lessons. She teaches in a way that is clear, fun, and results in students feeling confident and excited.”


My life is all about Dance!

I started dancing when I was six years old, and I haven't stopped since. I have been a certified ballroom and social dance instructor for twenty five years, owned my own studio for the past fifteen years, and have helped thousands of people to move with ease, grace, rhythm and poise.

In addition to my ballroom dance credentials, I danced for twenty years in ballet and modern dance, have a degree in English, am certified as a: Posture Alignment Specialist, Life Coach, Reiki Master, Qi Gong and Laughter Yoga teacher, have taught aerobic dance for thirty years, created and taught the signature movement program for Parkinson's Association of Santa Barbara (and taught it to hundreds of people with Parkinson's disease for 15 years) and coached a young girls dance team!  All of these experiences have made me into a unique, loving, patient and masterful teacher of dance and movement.


Dance is my way to help people improve their life in a soulful way.  It is also the best way to lift your heart, and improve your posture, balance, strength, rhythm and brain function! 

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              Leslie Sack

Ballroom, Latin, Country

Master Teacher, Postural Alignment & "Breathe, Move, Dance Method" Creator 

  Master Teacher-27 years experience

DISCLAIMER:  Before beginning any exercise or dance activity please consult with a qualified physician to make sure it is safe for you to engage in such activity.


As a physical activity, dance is not suitable for everyone and may lead to injury.  Even if it is safe for you to engage in the dance activities demonstrated in these videos we strongly recommend that you do it with a partner or with someone who could assist you if required.


This video and the dance program demonstrated are for general information purposes only and do not constitute medical advice and should not be used or relied upon for treatment of any medical condition or without guidance and approval from a qualified physician.


You assume all risks of injury as a result of engaging in any of these movements in any of these classes or videos.  Leslie Sack is not responsible for any injuries sustained by you during the course of your participation in any of her classes and  programs.

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