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My life is all about Dance!

I started dancing when I was six years old, and I haven't stopped since. I have taught over 30,000 hours of private and group classes and have helped thousands of people to move with ease and grace and poise.

Apart from the pure joy of dancing and helping others to celebrate the beauty of their bodies, my background as a posture alignment specialist has also allowed me to use dance in medically therapeutic ways to improve dysfunctional posture, gait, and breathing.  

This has culminated in the two programs tailored to clients with Parkinson's and other motor disability afflictions, 'Move to Connect' and 'Neuro Dance Fitness™'. 


Leslie - Leslie Sack Dace Studio

Leslie Sack, Dance Instructor

Leslie Sack


Grab a pair of comfortable shoes, and get ready to have some fun! Whether you are learning to dance in the studio or at home with our video classes, the joy of dancing can be found anywhere you are!

"Be beautiful, graceful and elegant. Be wild and playful.  Express yourself in dance!"



Tue - Sat

A great way to learn & practice all of the basics, gain confidence & play without an audience.

Wedding Couples (and Dads!) love this to prepare for the big day!


(4-Pack must be used within 6 weeks).

24-hour cancellation policy.

1 Hour $120.    

4-Pack $420


Ballroom Dancing at Leslie Sack Dance Studio
Professional Instruction in Latin, Ballroom, Swing and Social Dance


UPCOMING:  Ladies Latin Workout Class


Learn and practice all of the Latin Dances without a partner. Class participants gain self-confidence, get a great workout and leave smiling every time.


Saturday Mornings 10-11:15 am 

At the Leslie Sack Dance Studio
Group Class - All Levels

Pricing:  1 class $25 OR 4 classes $80 

1 Class  $25    

4 Classes  $80



senior dancing _edited.jpg
Neuro Dance                   

Designed for Seniors. A fun, lively exercise program based on ballroom dance and the creation of neuroplasticity through movement.


Happy seniors raising hands
Move to Connect               

Designed for Parkinson’s Disease patients. Create conscious, mindful movement and builds new neuro-pathways. 30-minutes. All levels.

Also available in DVD Format for $17

Dancing Couple
Ballroom Dancing              

Ballroom Dancing is a fun way to move and groove! For people of all ages who want to improve dexterity, learn no moves, or just love to dance.


Buy now for only $27 and get lifetime access to all videos.  More are added all the time!

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Fun Exercise for Parkinson's 

This program helps to connect the brain with the body, creates new neurological pathways, teaches conscious movement, and balances the brain while exercising and having fun!

Dance, Music Therapy, Brain Gym, LSVT Loud and LSVT Big Physical Therapies are incorporated in this effective brain and body fitness class!



Adaptive Ballroom Dancing

A program that slows the aging process and helps seniors ward off the dreaded problems associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Neuro Dance Fitness™ is a fun, lively exercise program based on the principles of ballroom dance and the creation of neuroplasticity through movement.

“I highly recommend the Move To Connect program. It is extremely valuable because it helps people with Parkinson’s improve their coordination, balance, and memory in a fun, entertaining way.”

–John Argue, Master teacher and author of "Parkinson’s Disease and the Art of Moving"




Tony Plasi

Ballroom Dance Instructor

“Leslie brings enthusiasm and passion to her lessons. Her mission for every lesson is to teach in a way that is clear, fun, and results in students feeling confident and excited.”



Leslie Sack Dance Studio

20 West Calle Laureles
Santa Barbara, California 93105