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Leslie Sack Dance Studio

20 West Calle Laureles
Santa Barbara, California 93105


© 2019 by Leslie Sack, Dance Instructor

The Move to Connect  class for people living with Parkinson's Diseases uses dancing for fun and dancing for dancing’s sake. The classes are vivacious and usually involve learning a routine. We sometimes add stage props such as hats or scarves. 

Please call for dates, location and cost.

Several studies have shown that dancing improves:

  • balance

  • flexibility

  • coordination

  • gait

  • mood

  • confidence

  • social isolation

  • depression

There are many research articles supporting the fact that dancing is extremely beneficial for people diagnosed with the Parkinson’s condition.  Here are a few links to prominent scientific publications.

Stanford Univerity 

Science Direct (which may not make the lightest reading)

Parkinson’s News Today