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Dance Into Your Joy

Today's dance prompt is this:

Find a piece of art (other than dance; for example a painting, a poem, novel, movie) that inspires you. Imagine that you are creating a dance inspired by the art. What would it look, smell, taste, feel like? What environment would it be in? What kind of music? How many dancers and so on! Describe your imaginary dance with as much detail as possible.

Dance is my true love and here is my poem I created. It is my inspiration for my joy musings of the day. I share this with you so that you might "meet" me and know a bit of the pieces of why I dance through life everyday and encourage others to do the same!

Dance Is My True Love

by Leslie Sack

Dance is my way of talking without speaking

It is my platform of joy that I have always relied upon

It is my connection to my spirit; to my internal rhythms and to my mystical qualities that words are not able to convey

Dance is my best friend;

It is my direct line to possibility

It is the way I hear myself clearly

It is my solid relationship that has never left me or upset me. We are timeless lovers

Dance is my support; it has always listened to me quietly without judgment

Dance hears me and encourages me to feel my inner stirrings to come out and be me

Dance is my teacher and I am continuously instructed to move from its deep wisdom

Dance creates peaceful presence in my body, mind and spirit

As I dance from the inside out it is my meditation.

Dance moves through me and as I move I am aware of the spaces in between.

In these open spaces I see beauty.

In the stillness of movement I know I am alive. I feel my heart beating. I see the light in my eyes. I sense my fingers tingling and touch into my graceful soul.

Dance leads me into my knowing, into my gratitude and into the mystery of linking this tangible body to the intangible infinite!

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