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Stay young at heart, balanced in your body, and mindfully move through your life!


NEURO - increases your neuro connectivity and neuro plasticity

DANCE--with music and new rhythms

FITNESS--whole body workout for your mind, body and for joy!


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Dancing has been scientifically proven as the best way to help prevent Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia, and the lessening of symptoms in Parkinsons' Disease.  Think of learning how to dance as your best preventative health care plan!

Dancing involves different brain functions at the same time:

  • Music

  • Emotions

  • Thought

  • Kinesthetic – learning by doing

  • Physical touching of your dance partner

Each of these functions is handled differently by the brain which helps develop different neural pathways.


Which is the best type of dance for prevention of Alzheimer’s and Dementia?


While several types of dance may have some benefit, studies have shown that ballroom dancing is probably the most effective in the prevention of these diseases. The success of this type of dance is dependent on the cooperation of the two partners in leading, following and improvising dancing steps. This cooperation involves continuous and timely decision making, which stimulates the development of new neural pathways.

A 2008 study by Columbia University neuroscientists found that dancers who practice freestyle dancing such as waltz, tango, foxtrot, Latin and swing developed higher resistance to dementia.

Neuro Dance Fitness is a new adaptive Ballroom Dance Program designed specifically for the prevention and therapy of Alzheimer's, Dementia, Parkinsons' and other neurologically debilitating diseases (such as MS).

Please call for dates, location and cost.

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